Vegas 'Investment' Guy Rolls Dice On Any White Person Liking Obama, Comes Up Snakeyes


Another day, another nail in the coffin of the Worst Presidency Ever. Trustworthy snake oil salesman "investment" guru Wayne Allyn Root has pulled out his figurin' stick and dropped math all over Barack Obama (sp?) and his record-low poll numbers.

You probably thought NBC saying Obama had only a 41 percent approval rating was an indication that Obama has failed to rise above a steep recession, a recalcitrant Congress and an unstable world full of shirtless thugs. You probably thought something measured and shruggy about the Affordable Care Act and its initially sucky website. You looked at a chart of Obama's poll numbers and thought, "Huh, basically the same as four years ago, before his reelection."

You thought that because you are not a winner, a doer, a closer like Wayne Allyn Root, who writes books and is on the shouty politics radio and the shouty teevee when he is not being a hairstyle consultant to the televangelical community (probably). This guy is so smart that he unskewed a week-old poll number three points lower, because any smart person knows that seasoned, experienced data is better than smartass young millennial data.

Here, let's let the man run his numbers and whitesplain how you Just Don't Get It because you're not a real American:

So just think about those poll numbers for a moment. Let those numbers sink in. If 35% to 40% of the population would support a Democrat for President if he ran from a prison cell…if 35% to 40% would support Obama no matter what he does, no matter how far America sinks under his leadership, even if they have no jobs and their own lives are in total could Obama’s approval rating be at only 38%?

That means that among the rest of America, outside of loyal, lifelong, Kool-Aid drinking Democrats, Obama's ratings are nil. Among voters who don't identify as Democrat, he is the lowest-rated President in history. No numbers like this have ever been recorded, if you filter out the Kool Aid drinking low information and partisan voters.

BAM! Now, what do you think (other than that a cold glass of Kool-Aid would be pretty tasty right about now)? Oh, that that's some "if" right there, that "if you filter out everyone who likes Obama"?

Now, don't start discounting Root's arguments just because he is a bug-eyed human-hyena hybrid, whose close connection with Heartland America™ led him to believe they would vote for him on the bottom of the 2008 Libertarian presidential ticket (they did not!). He just knows that nobody but welfare moochers and lazy inner city men (wink, wink) approve of Obama right now. It's simple math. Kind of like the math that suckers investors who buy into his multi-level marketing bidness may not be super good at.

This guy was the King of Vegas!. When he bets, you can be sure he's got more than a hunch behind it. And such bet! So gambling! Wow!

I’m betting that outside of lifelong Democrats and welfare recipients (I know, I repeat myself), Obama's ratings are in the unimaginable range of single digits. I'm betting that outside of food stamp recipients, Obama's ratings are in the single digits. Among the white middle class, I’m betting Obama’s ratings are in the single digits. Or lower.


That's right, he bets white middle-classers give Obama an approval rating LESS THAN ZERO. Top THAT, George W. Bush! And don't you DARE call Root a racist for focusing on What White People Want. That's unpossible, he explains, because he is a Jew(ish born-again Christian). The only racists are the people who voted for Bablack Oblackma, and the most racist thing anyone has ever done is approve of That One's job performance.

First of all, the very definition of racism is voting for a black candidate because...he's black. That's racism. The fact that 92% of black voters voted for Obama and 96% of black women voted for Obama is nothing but voting based on race.

So, ipso facto, QED, Obama's job approval rating among white folks is zero. Or lower. Or 31 percent, w/e. Who are you going to believe, those pinko nerds at Gallup, or this guy counting down IRSgate to the Daily Show?

All that, and he's the same asshole who says Barack Obama didn't go to Columbia because he, Wayne Allyn Root, went to Columbia and didn't know him. He's an asshole's asshole, with extra asshole sauce! Naturally, his column was Sarah Palin-approved.

[Town Hall]


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