Verified Jew Person Sarah Silverman Is Biggest Hitler Since Barack Obama

So many Hitlers in the news this week, so little time! Barack Obama is doing Hitler stuff by making a deal with Iran to try to keep them from getting a bomb, which is very different from Republicans' request of can we please just bomb that Muzzie country what scares us so much, and probably set off World War Three in doing so? Either you're down with that plan or you're totally Hitler. And now Sarah Silverman, a Twitter-verified Jewish, is one-upping Obama's Hitler-ness by saying that Planned Parenthood is okay and doesn't actually sell baby parts, even though it's obvious that it sells so many baby parts. Coming soon to a mall near you! The Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Store! Right between Claire's and Wet Seal!  (They do not sell baby parts, and if you believe that you are a fucking dumbshit.)

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That Live Action group -- whose members have no moral beliefs beyond "BORTION BAD!" and have no qualms about constantly editing videos so hard they don't even resemble the truth -- says Sarah Silverman is using "Nazi logic" when she says things like this:

Stupid-splain why you think Sarah Silverman is a Nazi, Live Action idiots:

Except for the small detail that organs (not tissue) donated to researchers or medical schools are, y’know, donated. Hospitals can’t just take out whatever might be useful whenever somebody dies; they have to check whether the deceased chose to be an organ donor first. And getting those organs by killing their previous owner is widely understood to be a particularly heinous crime… at least, when the victim has already been born. [...]

Poor Sarah must not have been paying attention when destroying embryos to obtain stem cells was declared obsolete way back in 2009, or last year when Harvard researchers demonstrated a new method for giving adult stem cells the useful traits of embryonic ones, no killing necessary. Yes, “doll,” science is indeed real… and you seem woefully unacquainted with it.[...]

As National Review pointed out over the weekend, the Nazis really did use the same logic, with German scientist Julius Hallervorden commenting in 1945 at the Nuremberg trials, “If you are going to kill all these people, at least take the brains out so that the material may be utilized.”

Okay, let's follow the bouncing syphilis logic, if we can. Taking tissue from first trimester fetuses, which are about the size of your choice of delicious legumes, is the same as using Jew brains for science, because Hitler didn't ask the Jews' permission to do that, and the tissue of legumes, which, for purposes of this argument, we're going to call NEWBORN BABIES, did not sign off on having their bean parts used for experiments, therefore Sarah Silverman is the real Hitler.

Also, Live Action stupid-splains that ha ha, joke's on you, embryonic stem cells are good for nothin' anyway, because science. Right? Of course not, we're dealing with anti-choice shitholes who get paid to lie. Science-splain this, RawStory:

But [Calvin] Freiburger [the Live Action dildo what wrote the article] didn’t read the articles he linked to apparently. Both indicate that while new science on the horizon may soon render research using fetal stem cells unnecessary, it’s not quite there yet, which is what scientists also told the Times.

Oh. So that tissue is still scientifically useful. But wait, they still have a point, right? Because here is a Real Jew, Ben Shapiro, last seen around these parts filing charges because a transgender lady threatened to pants him in front of the whole school, condescendingly talking down to Silverman like the LADY SHE IS:

To which Sarah Silverman responded:

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Mic drop. We love you, Sarah Silverman, and Ben Shapiro, be sure to keep a labeled change of underwear handy at all time, in case all these ladies owning your bitch ass makes you boom boom in your tighty whities.

[Live Action News / RawStory]


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