Vermont Rep Introduces Bill to Preserve Indeceny

HBO. Showtime. Cinemax. Basically, they're the Artic National Wildlife Refuge of mainstream indecency—breathtakingly majestic terrain where middlebrow stripper documentaries, lesbian soap operas, and extremely well-acted mobster beheadings all coincide peacefully in a lightly regulated televisual Eden. But who amongst our elected officials has the guts to protect this national treasure from the insatiable decency developers who are determined to turn every inch of the mediasphere into faith-based strip malls of kid-friendly homiletics? So far, it's just Bernard Sanders (I - VT), who recently "introduced a bill that would prevent the Federal Communications Commission, which polices over-the-air radio and television broadcasts, from extending its authority to cable and satellite channels." Thank you, Mr. Sanders! May others soon follow your lead.

Anti-Indecency Forces Opposed [WaPo]


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