Very Self-Aware Grandma Grifter Sarah Palin Calls Nancy Pelosi ‘Dingbat’


Everyone RELAX because Sarah Palin has officially weighed in on our freedom, and how it has been taken away by the Supreme Court and Obamacare. Here she is on Fox News with Sean Hannity, discussing how all hell will break loose now that we can ALL BUY HEALTH INSURANCE FROM A CORPORATION, oh NOES, it's like we woke up and became European, only without the amazing food. And how this is all Nancy Pelosi's fault because she is a "dingbat."

Sean Hannity opens by claiming this is the biggest tax increase in history (it's not), and then he somehow links this lie to another affront on our freedom, namely the fact that the Bush tax cuts won't be extended again (fingers crossed!). And then he asks Sarah Palin her sage advice on how the Romney Campaign should deal with these issues. Sarah Palin says reallllll slow-like, "Well first off, Nancy Pelosi is a DINGBAT and she is the perfect spokesman for the far left agenda." How's THAT for specific advice? BOO-YAH!

[Fox News]


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