Viajo Sin Rumbo Fijo En Mis Botas Viejas

  • "Former Prince George's County homeland security official Keith A. Washington, jailed awaiting sentencing for fatally shooting a furniture deliveryman and wounding another, was found last week with

    a handcuff key and had a 'clear intention of escaping', according to court papers filed by prosecutors." [WP]

  • "There are a lot of options for cheap bus rides to New York, so what makes BoltBus different? It operates on the EasyJet principle, where tickets start out dirt cheap and get more expensive as the bus gets fuller." [DCist]
  • "Connecticut Avenue around mid-day. Various Greenpeace fanatics around. One is professing her love of the environment on some yuppie. Another spots her next target: A tall man, long coat, just lit a cigarette." [Eavesdrop DC]
  • "You already eat out most nights. Admit it. Go on. Now, this Thursday, you get to know that a portion of that price you're paying for not dirtying up your dishes is going for a good cause. Yes, kids, it is time for the annual 'Dining Out for Life' Night, all of which is to benefit 'Food and Friends'." [Brightest Young Things]
  • "I'm not going to lie. I am no stranger to drinking beers and listening to a Mariachi band. I think it is one of life's great pleasures. I just never thought I'd be drinking beers and listening to a Mariachi band in a Target ...." [Prince of Petworth]

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