Vicious Squirrels Dishonor Our Troops By Stealing Cemetery Flags (For ACORN??!?)


Oh noes some "community organizers" from the rodent world have run off with a bunch of cheap little flags that people put in cemeteries, for Freedom, right around Memorial Day. We all knew that squirrels hated America ... what we didn't know was howmuch.

Witness the horror:

Every Memorial Day, volunteers put small American flags next to grave stones of the about 965 veterans buried at the Krafft Road cemetery.

All the flags were undisturbed during a Mass on Memorial Day. But the next day, cemetery workers noticed the flags were disappearing -- the small, wooden staffs still were in the ground, but Old Glory itself had been removed.

At first, the cemetery's staff was confused. Then, Ceglarek spotted the thief in action.

'Twas a squirrel, lining his nest with flags, which is a federal offense. Everybody knows that flags should adorn nothing but the bodies of hot ladies.

Saul Alinsky and his merry band of Chicago street thugs are laughing from their squirrel nests, in Hell.

Cemetery squirrels nuts about U.S. flags [Times Herald]


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