Victoria Jackson is back! Back to tell us all "Why Victoria Jackson Dropped Out Of Politics," a thing we have all surely been wondering about for quite some time. Or not.

Jackson starts out this exclusive and oddly rambling essay for birther site World Net Daily by talking about how Julia Louis-Dreyfus loves universal healthcare, just like Hitler. Because sure, why not?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus just announced she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course, she used her announcement to make a political statement advocating universal health care. I guess she doesn’t know that the first thing Hitler did when he came to power was put the government in charge of health care – the power of life and death.

Julia also used the recent Emmys to allude to impeaching Trump.

Either that, or she knows that Germany's national health system was actually established 50 years before Hitler came to power, by Otto Von Bismarck. Or she, very correctly, does not associate providing healthcare to all people with sending Jewish people off to gas chambers.

But what does that have to do with Victoria Jackson? Well, it is because Victoria Jackson also had breast cancer and also talked about politics, but she was a conservative.

Apparently, the only people allowed to be publicly political are progressives. 

I’ve been politically silent for the last two years. Not just because I’ve been battling breast cancer myself (double mastectomy, five months of chemo, 33 radiation treatments) diagnosed at the same age Julia was, 56, but because I am exhausted from the backlash and blacklisting I’ve experienced from speaking out politically! I immediately lost all my stand up gigs in 2010 when I supported the tea party. Two agents dropped me. A booker backed out. My income plummeted.

This, by the way, is her stand-up.

Oh look, she did a handstand again. Wow!

Well, another thing Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Victoria Jackson have in common is that they were both Saturday Night Live cast members. Except the really big difference is that Julia Louis-Dreyfus went on to have a stellar career after that. Can anyone name a single thing Victoria Jackson did in between doing handstands on the Weekend Update desk and going full wingnut? Except for that one episode of The X-Files with the guy who controlled the weather, I cannot.

But apparently no one will even let Victoria Jackson do cancer benefits, even, because she went around playing ukulele songs about how President Obama was a SEEKRIT MUSLIM for several years. And they won't even give her a Netflix show! Weird!

More recently, I was asked not to speak at a local Cancer Survivor Event called “Survivor-ville,” even though I just wrote a book about surviving cancer! My book is called “Lavender Hair.” I was told that one of the donors “didn’t like my politics.” Netflix and CMT refused to watch a three-minute sizzle reel I made this summer pitching a new comedy show idea. They told my producer, “We wouldn’t touch Victoria Jackson with a 10-foot pole!”

Jackson predicts that her politics will also prevent her from being invited to appear on the Today Show's Breast Cancer Awareness Month segments to promote her book.

I’ll be shocked if NBC responds to my publisher’s request to have me as a guest this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, on the Hoda and Kathie Lee show, even though Hoda, a breast cancer survivor, is mentioned fondly in my book. And, I know Kathie Lee.

You see, it’s not just a rumor that conservatives in Hollywood are blacklisted. It’s true.

May I just point out here that conservative political pundit Megyn Kelly is currently a Today Show host? Sure, she's dragging ratings down, but they're paying her a hell of a lot to do so. So perhaps there are things at play here other than Jackson merely being a conservative.

Now, it is certainly likely that Jackson's politics did not exactly endear her to people. After all, this was a thing that happened, and it was both repulsive and painfully unfunny:

As is this video, which she made 8 months ago (while she was staying out of politics?), and which so far has under 5,000 views on YouTube:

But I'm quite sure that Jackson's lack of a steady career in showbiz had far less to do with her theory that "conservatives are blacklisted in Hollywood" than it did with the fact that she was not... very good.

Her theory, while it may comfort her at night, ignores the fact that there have been loads of conservatives who have been vastly successful in Hollywood. For instance, James Woods. His politics are awful, he is a monster on Twitter and a sexual harasser of teenage girls. But Ghosts of Mississippi is a hell of a movie. Once Upon A Time In America? Fantastic. He is a very good actor. I hate his guts, and probably wouldn't go out of my way to watch any movie he is in now, but he is a good actor. Which is why he had a much more of a career than Victoria Jackson did, in spite of the fact that he is a garbage person. Jon Voight is also a right wing nut job, but he's certainly doing quite well on Showtime's Ray Donovan.

Jackson chooses to end her very confused essay with an odd plea for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, aka Hitler, to read her book.

Ironically, I casually mentioned Julia Louis Dreyfus in my book as someone who seemed to have a perfect life! This was before her recent cancer announcement! Maybe Julia will read my book. There are a few conservative political points in it. Maybe she’ll see things in a new light!

That seems about as likely to happen as a Victoria Jackson comeback.

[World Net Daily]

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