McCain is giving a speech! Let's talk about it. He is going to give us a thousand-year war in Iraq. He is a lunatic. "We had just one strategy, to you what I believe." The funny thing is he believes absolutely nothing. Nothing! A mailbox believes more things.

9:11 PM -- He thanks his wife Cindy for not eating all the Percocet.

9:14 PM -- "Another better world than the one we inherited." So he's going to start a combination of Vietnam and World War II.

9:15 PM -- Hey, campaign finance! That was great.

9:16 PM -- None of the DC politicians help anybody in America, except for John McCain, who has been in office for thirty years. THIRTY YEARS.

9:17 PM -- Ha ha, he actually didn't laugh when he claimed to go to Washington to "serve my own interests."

9:18 PM -- "They don't send us to Washington to do their job, but to do ours." WTF?

9:20 PM -- Terrible sacrifices, war all the time, "promise of a better future" after the thousand-year war, etc.

9:21 PM -- Uh, the "enemy" that "despises" the McCain Campaign consists of sane Americans who need to get McCain put in the New Hampshire Asylum for Crazy Old War Veterans, now.

9:22 PM -- Now he is congratulating everybody, especially all the GOP candidates he just beat here in New Hampshire, which is the one place where he wins the Big Exciting Primary.

9:23 PM -- Ha ha, he is doing the whole routine now: Telling lies about the "great cause" of his life (it's to be in power and start wars, not to "serve my country") and making half-ass self-deprecating remarks about he's such a lovable rogue just like a 300-year-old version of Tom Cruise in "Rainman" "Top Gun."

9:24 PM -- Ha ha, "So help me God." God is going to strike McCain down for that incredible string of total lies he just used to conclude his victory speech.

9:25 PM -- Bye, Johnny Too Bad.


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