Well, the 2012 presidential race is over, babies. Sharron Angle, who stumbled briefly on the Road of Bones but will soon be Queen of the Apocalypse, rocked the Karaoke Weekend by bursting into song -- the only song, if you are a True American. The Reagan Re-Election/Gulf War I stinker "God Bless the USA," infamously recorded by proto-Joe Miller/Nashville Adult Contemporary star Lee Greenwood.

This is, of course, the worst piece of music ever recorded. It is the Blingee of patriotic songs, so cheap and crass and blinky, narrated by some pathetic loser, a sniveling victim of the American Class War. "At least I know I'm free," yeah dude. That and an oxycontin stolen from your disabled sister's medicine cabinet might just help you make it through the night. But did you know unemployed bro's in Scandinavia were just cold gettin' blowjobs in a hot tub, because of socialism?

Anyway, Sharron Angle is the new president of AmeriKKKa! [Via Wonkette super special operative "Dan T."]


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