Vince Lombardi Was Totally Gay For Gay Football Players Because Vince Lombardi Wasn't A Jerk


When Michael Sam is drafted — it should be a matter of when not if, because if Sam liked lady bits, there would no question he would get drafted — Sam would be the first openly gay professional athlete in a major American team sport.

But Sam's draft status is an open question because, after he came out, plenty of bravely unnamed NFL executives found their pantaloons in a twist over the prospect of Sam’s sexual orientation messing with the delicate chemistry in their manly man locker rooms.

Sam wouldn’t be the first known gay sportsballer, however. A handful of professional athletes came out of the closet after their careers ended. Many of them were known to be gay to their teammates and employers.

There was a gay baseball player named Glenn Burke in the 1970s. He was credited with inventing the high five. When the Dodgers realized he was gay, Al Campanis (yes, that Al Campanis, the one who discussed African-American buoyancy that one time on "Nightline") offered Burke $75,000 to just marry a woman already. Burke didn’t and he was traded to Oakland.



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