Virginia House Swings Both Ways

One way to fight the homosexual agenda: Confuse them. After passing a bill last week reaffirming the state's ban on gay marriage, Virginia lawmakers have passed legislation allowing employers to extend insurance benefits to same-sex couples. They also rejected a law that would have required borrowers from the Virginia Housing Development Authority to be either married or related by blood. Social conservatives see this as the end of "family rule," more open-minded lawmakers see it as the springboard to super-kinky girl-on-girl action: One cited a scenario in which a "mother wants. . . to buy a home with the mother of her imprisoned boyfriend." Said Delegate Terrie Suit, "That might constitute an irregular relationship to a couple of people on the floor of this House, but I thought that that was admirable." Sure, if by "admirable" you mean "lezzed up."

Gay Rights Proponents Score Wins in Va. [AP/Yahoo]


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