Virginia Isn't Sure About This Whole Tobacco Thing Anymore


  • Bars and restaurants are possibly maybe finally going "smoke-free" in Virginia, the Philip Morris State. In the past Tim Kaine had stopped this from happening but now who knows. [DC Examiner]
  • White powder and a dead fish were mailed to the Dept. of Homeland Security, meaning Rahm Emanuel is the Zodiac. [Washington Post]
  • The journoterrorist who accosted Barry to get his autograph yesterday has been identified as some neocon driven to the brink of madness by the impossible demands of his twelve-year-old son. [Fishbowl DC]
  • Elitist northeast grocery warehouse Wegmans is, like some people you knew in college who have decided to become "all activisty," probably moving to DC soon! Both will text you incessantly for the names of cool bars. [WTOP]
  • You can now take out a subprime mortgage on Nats tickets. Do it for your children's futures. [DCist]

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