Virginia Remembers Slavery, Idiot Smokes In Airplane Lavatory


  • Nevah Fo-get.Some jackass smoked a cigarette in an airplane lavatory and then JOKED about setting his shoes on fire, poor people don't pay so much income tax so rich people are telling poor people to get furious about this outrage, and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell suddenly realized slavery is not currently practiced in either the Commonwealth of Virginia or the United States.
  • "Would Legalized Pot Threaten California's Economy?" Hmm, well, California's bankrupt and pretty much everybody buys pot in California. So ... Yes, let's say "Yes." Legalized pot threatens California's economy. [Daily Finance]

  • Glacier National Park has lost two more of its namesake glaciers. But ... it snowed in Washington in February! [Discovery News]
  • Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the girl whose bad decisions merged with Eliot Spitzer's terrible decisions, is not blaming anybody for her personal problems. But her essay on this New York website might make you cry a little bit, if you have a soul. [On Love/Gawker]

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