Virginia State Senator Should Leave Irony To The Professionals, 'Parasites' Out Of The Wombs Of 'Hosts'


Virginia state Senator Steve Martin (R-Three Amigos) referred to pregnant women as "host(s)" on his Facebook page and even included a parenthetical aside clarifying that he's talking about mothers. He's changed "host" to "bearer of the child," because "host" suggests fetuses are parasites; his modified verbiage regards the unborn with the dignity they deserve.

Apparently, the sluts over at Virginia Pro Choice Coalition sent him a Valentine's Day-themed reproductive rights message. The front of the greeting card read “Don’t Break Our Hearts,” and the inside asked for his support of the familiar laundry list of sluts’women’s issues: free birth control pills, mandatory blowjob lessons in the state sex ed curriculum, abortions on the basis of gender or eye color, and mandatory sterilization of confirmed Christians.  Well, Martin could not let this piece of direct mail go unanswered, nosiree. He did what any part-time legislator would do and pouted all over his Facebook wall.



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