Virginians Now Somehow Able To Buy More Guns


Who knew there was still a law pertaining to gun purchases left on the books in Virginia? This is the state where everyone gathers around open car trunks to buy assault weapons by the wheelbarrowload in plain daylight, after all. And yet this law, a one-handgun-per-month purchasing restriction, has remained on the books for 19 years, perhaps due to clerical oversight. But now theladies' man of a governor down there, Bob McDonnell, has signed a repeal of this law in his latest, most patriotic volley in the "Mitt Romney Veepstakes."

What else sparked Bob McDonnell's decision to sign this bill overturning "Virginia's landmark one-handgun-a-month law, a restriction put on the books in the early 1990s when gun trafficking was seen as a problem along the East Coast"? Another opportunity to stick it to this group of famous liberal whiners, perhaps:

The governor's action came days after he spoke by phone with some family members of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings, who on Tuesday expressed disappointment with the governor's decision.

[Richmond Times-Dispatch]


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