VirtuecratGate: A Hoax!?!

Many of you will find this hard to believe, but it seems as though Mistress Lee, the woman who claimed to have been Bill Bennett's dominatrix, may not be completely on the level. This shocking news comes courtesy of the blogosphere's most intrepid investigator, Calico Cat, who realized at some point last night that the story "is a lie" and that journalists have probably ignored the story because Mistress Lee "refused to give. . . any kind of proof or any details about her alleged relationship with Bennett." The Cat has a theory as to why someone would risk such an audacious ploy: "[S]he is seeking publicity for some unknown reason." In the end, we may have all learned a valuable lesson, call it the Alex Polier principle: "[N]o matter how badly people may dislike Bill Bennett, he doesn’t deserve to have his reputation ruined by this story if it’s not true."

We're gonna remember that one.

Calico Cat scammed by the dominatrix [Calico Cat]


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