VirtuecratGate: Mistress Lee Tells All

Wonderful news: Someone claiming to be Bill Bennett's dominatrix has posted her story on the web. It makes for entertaining reading, though surprisingly (and disappointingly) low on spank material. The naughtiest bits come from paraphrases of reporter's inquiries:

They asked me the most absurd questions, they behave as if he was a rock star and I am some teenage groupie. They asked me for cum-stained sheets, bloody or hash stained underwear, whips or paddles with his DNA still attached. . . [One reporter] would send me endless sexually explicit e-mails detailing his fantasies (very professional, right?) his 'lustful utterances' as it were. He thought he was going to 'work' me for my story using this angle, the logic escapes me.
Some may find it hard to believe that a reputable journalist would approach a source this way, but remember: One of the magazines looking into this story was the Washington Monthly. And you know what kinky freaks they are.

Why would any reporter sit on such a hot scoop? Mistress Lee informs us that "[e]verything humanly possible is being done to torpedo this" story. . . I've had two hard-drive viruses, my front door lock vandalized. . . My car locks were tampered with. Whacked out e-mails come at the rate of 20 per day and other silliness I won't bother to waste time mentioning." Ack! You hear that? They sent her spam! Vince Foster was lucky.

A Brief Statement. [Dominate Lee]


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