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While the Senate "cool kids" are off interrogating Elena Kagan about her dinner plans from last December, the rest of the Senators are just left aimlessly wandering around the Capitol, rambling on and on about who knows what. Here's a clip of David Vitter angrily talking about flood insurance (which obviously costs nothing, especially in Louisiana), and how it's been bundled up with other terrible pork programs (like an extension of unemployment and COBRA payments) by Dick Durbin, who is trying to make Vitter vote for this terrible legislation by holding a gun to his head, just off-screen.

Vitter, seen here in what appears to be about hour six of his ordeal, is completely incoherent at this point, and alternately thanks and rejects Durbin for holding the gun to his head. It is just like that one episode of Six Feet Under! Anyway, if you were planning on committing flood insurance fraud in Louisiana, you may want to hold off on that until you hear that this has all been worked out. (Thanks to Vitter-stalking tipster "Dan T." for the link.) [2TheAdvocate]


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