Vitter's Diaper-Clad Love Child Toddles Among Us

Another vote for Grover! - WonketteLooks like Louisiana's Greatest Whoremongering Senator David Vitter should've considered stronger protection than a diaper. Because according to one blog that we've never heard of and that names no sources...

It isn't yet public, though apparently it's widely known in Louisiana political circles, that Vitter's commercial romance was blessed with issue. Reportedly his natural child now lives with her mother in Alexandria, VA. That they are receiving financial support from the Senator has not been shown.

That's right, it's widely known that dude has a secret love child, just like Grover Cleveland! Is it true? Who knows! Some blog said it, so it is a kind of true.

Vitter refuses to resign and probably more terrible, horrible things will be revealed about him in the coming weeks until you can never keep down a meal again.

Sen. Vitter obeys the mitzvah of Gen. 1:28 ... []


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