Viva Arbusto

* The immigration hysteria should finally be over but unfortunately we'll all be terrorized by Mexicans providing cheap labor for work we don't want to do for years and years to come. And apparently, it's news that Bush can't get anything done. [NYT, WP, LAT]]

* Everyone knows that racial segregation has nothing to do with race beyond the fact that people who aren't white are dumb and lazy. [NYT]

* The Supreme Court also thinks that things should be expensive to purchase and no one should get cheap anything except of course for worthless rulings from the Supreme Court. [NYT]

* Democrats try and see who can pander to black voters the most. It's unclear who the winner is. [WP]

* A decade of not being able to get clean needles for free has come to an end. [WP]

* People pick their president from television. [LAT]


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