Vladimir Putin Will Heroically Step Down As President To Become Prime Minister, Again

This is the kind of parody that could get Wonkette shot in Moscow! - WonketteA long time ago in Russia, old drunken Boris Yeltsin needed somebody to actually run the country, which was kind of a wreck at the time, so he appointed a nice KGB spy named Vladimir Putin to be Prime Minister. Everybody was so pleased with the situation that a few weeks later, Putin became "acting president," and then there was an "election" which Putin easily won and he has been the Royal President ever since.

Unfortunately, Russia has a sort-of serious constitution and it looks bad to trample it so soon after it was written, so Vlad has been struggling with what to do now that his second and supposedly final term as president is coming to an end.

Luckily, Vladimir Putin has come up with the greatest idea ever: He'll just run for Parliament, and he'll have Parliament make him Prime Minister again, and he'll have whatever lackey run for "president," and the happy times will never end.

Bush/Cheney would love to pull off this shit, but they have one liability: Voters hate their guts. Putin, on the other hand, has won the love of all Russians (except Kasparov) by deporting brown people and putting the Jewish Businessmen in prison and poisoning ex-KGB dudes in London and murdering all the journalists.

Putin drops bombshell: I want to be the next Russian Prime Minister [Times of London]


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