Voices In Patrick Kennedy's Head Convince Him to Plead Guilty

kennedycrash.jpgNews from the "state" of Rhode Island:

Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy will plead guilty this afternoon to a charge of driving under the influence of prescription drugs when he crashed his car into a Capitol Hill security barrier last month.

Kennedy's office said the 38-year-old Rhode Island Democrat will appear to make his plea to the misdemeanor charge in Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

Spokeswoman Robin Costello said Kennedy's plea agreement will entail the loss of his driving license in the District of Columbia for six months, "several fines" and community service work.

Man, we hope the community service is something awesome and public. First person to snag a picture of Represenative Kennedy in an orange reflector vest wins a prize TBD!

(Kudos to NBC10 WJAR for the awesome logo, by the way)

Kennedy to plead guilty to driving charge [ProJo]


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