Vote Bachmann Since She's Like That Annoying NFL Player Everyone Hates


Here's an interesting sales pitch from some super PAC supporting Michele Bachmann which we will now (pretty closely) paraphrase for you: "Professional football player Tim Tebow is not very smart, he has a problem with accuracy, and his holier-than-thou Christian shtick is incredibly irritating to many observers -- which makes him exactly like Michele Bachmann." So, uh, vote for her if you self-identify as a sanctimonious prick?

Also: wouldn't it be fun if an Iowa voter turned on the teevee to see this weird campaign ad followed immediately by the other weird Michele Bachmann ad polluting the state's airwaves lately, the one comparing her to Margaret Thatcher? This means that by MATH, Tim Tebow is like Margaret Thatcher, which, you know, makes sense. [YouTube via The Hill]


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