Vote For Your Favorite Local Non-Broadcast Media Employee!

Two reasons to win! - WonketteHere is a picture of a Washington media person. Her name is Bridget Garwood and she works for something called York Zimmerman, Inc., which is apparently a media company in DC. Ms. Garwood is one of the contestants in the "Hottest Media Types, Female, Off Air" contest at Fishbowl DC. We are featuring her photo to give you a totally off-base impression of all the rest of the photos, which do not have nearly so much breasts/scowling. (But Kelly Torrance of the Washington Times does appear to be naked.) There are many lovely ladies from which to choose, including our own star photographer, the lovely Liz Gorman, and we encourage you to vote early and often, for her. The prize is one million (Second Life) dollars.

Who knew so many good-looking gals worked at newspapers and such? Last time we worked at a paper, everybody was a fat old man.

For our homosexual readers -- because that's the entire Wonkette audience, gay men & straight men -- here are the hottest media types from the non-broadcasted media. We are not nearly as impressed by the offerings here -- oh, a bunch of slob journalists -- although Mark Leibovich of the NY Times is a very handsome and sexy man and Clinton Yates of Express looks like a runway model.

Ah, ogling the pictures of local reporters ... it's like the good old days are back. Except they're not.

It's Getting Hot In Here [Endless Simmer]

2007 Hottest Media Types: Get Voting!!! [Fishbowl DC]


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