Vote In Eric Cantor's Meaningless Pandering Web Contest, 'YouCut'


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Hey, it's Eric Cantor, talking like a nine-year-old girl as usual -- no offense to nine-year-old girls! -- about nothing. He is introducing the Republicans' latest brilliant policy plan YOUCUT -- or rather, YouCut. It's like YouTube, but completely different in every way: the Republicans list a bunch of tiny federal budget measures and have YOU VOTE on which ones should be YouCut! None of the honored nominees would come close to doing anything even remotely related to the $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities that makes up our actual future fiscal hell, but "money's money," or whatever, jesus christ...

Let's just take a look at the very first item up for death, and then be done with it.

Presidential Election Fund

$260 million in savings

This federal program provides matching funds to political candidates during Presidential primaries, certain third-party candidates, and funds for political conventions. In the 2008 presidential election, the candidates raised over $1.3 billion from individuals and PACs, do they really need to supplement that with taxpayer money? This proposal has been estimated to save $260 million over five years. (Also proposed as part of the RSC Sunset Caucus.)

Not even going to inquire about what the "RSC Sunset Caucus" is, but it's probably illegal, and gay.

So the first thing the Republicans would like you to cut is the sole apparatus for publicly funded national presidential campaigns. Now we're doubtful, after Obama's 2008 campaign being the first in history to forgo it and the Citizens United decision coming shortly afterwards, that either major party's presidential nominee is ever going to accept matching funds again. (There is much more to write about the prospects of this fully corporate-funded future, but... well, someone else go write it, damnit.)

And yet, it's the first cut up for killing entirely, because of socialism or something? Goodness. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Eric Cantor is funny but also mean.



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