Vote or Die, But in the Hallway, OK?

A seven-figure book deal for telling "exuberant, in-your-face" tales about how he convinced state chairmen to share their voter lists? Yes, former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe truly is a "fundraiser extraordinaire." But according to an operative who was exuberantly draining bottles of Argentinian red with McAuliffe at Olive's the other night, his anecdotes are pretty entertaining. Herewith, a rough transcription of a typical McAuliffe monologue:

Wednesday night at the convention, sitting in my box, all of a sudden I hear a scuffle behind me, yelling and screaming. My security guys were getting into a scuffle with P. Diddy, who was in the box. One of the political operatives had said he should put a coat on over his "VOTE OR DIE" T-shirt, and he wasn't happy about it.

"Knock it off," I told them. "If you want to fight, go out into the hallway. There are too many television cameras aimed on the box."


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