Vote Sex Trading: You Get What You Pay For

A Wonkette correspondent writes us about his frustrated quest to trade votes for sex: "Inspired by your post, I decided to see if there was an equivalent service for libertarians." We're going to stop right here for a second because there is something kind of great about the idea of a libertarian withholding sex from someone until they agree to vote for Michael Badnarik. Surely a libertarian could see that there's a more efficient model that would accomplish the same thing: Trading sex for not voting at all.

Anywho, our swinging freemarketer did not find "Fuck the Vote" site for libertarians. He did find, which brings us to our next point: Libertarians are not really ones to be making demands in this arena. We were almost laughing too hard to take this screenshot of the site's featured personals:


The two on the bottom could probably use sex to get someone to vote for, dunno, a Libertarian school board candidate. The other guy? It's not that he's unattractive, it's that he's frightening.

We should note that the services of are free. Guess some times the market does work.

[DISCLAIMER: Yes, hot libertarians do exist, we even know a few. Libertarians are mocked here for comedic purposes. No libertarians were harmed (badly) in the making of this comedy.] an online community for libertarian singles []

Vote Sex Trading [Wonkette]

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