John Eastman Did One Measly Coup Plot, Can Have Get-Out-Of-Shunning-Free Card?

Geez, it's not like he even succeeded.

The Claremont Institute is mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore. Coups 4 Dummies author John Eastman has called the conservative think tank home for years, and now his distinguished brethren are here to set you liberal thugs straight about good, kind, noble John Eastman, who is known above all for his intellectual honestly and unbiased legal analysis.

"The Claremont Institute does not normally comment on the work of its scholars," Board Chair Thomas D. Klingenstein and Institute President Ryan P. Williams huffed in an open letter published on the site's blog American Mind. "But a recent combined disinformation, de-platforming, and ostracism campaign requires us to make an exception."

Because Eastman still got invited to hang at the Federalist Society after endorsing Uganda's anti-gay laws and saying Kamala Harris isn't a real American, so now they think he's entitled to a Get Out of Social Opprobrium Free Card for plotting to overthrow the government. Geez, people, it's just one little coup, why are you so touchy?

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Mike Lindell Will Not Sleep Until He Asks You Personally If You're Dead

Sounds like he's been up about 120 hours straight.

Mike Lindell is having a bad week. Not only is Donald Trump still not president, but he hasn't even managed to find a state attorney general to sign on to his superduper lawsuit that will rocket to the top of the pile at the Supreme Court and cause those Justices to "pull down this election nine to nothing" and restore our great and glorious savior to the Oval Office by Thanksgiving.

But don't worry, you guys, he's still got a plan. As Salon's Zachary Petrizzo reports, Lindell is going to be hitting the pavement, knocking on a door near you to see if you're a dead voter who cast your ballot in the 2020 election.

Trick or treat, smell my feet, tell me if you're a corpse who voted for Joe Biden!

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Greg Abbott Does Not Wish To Amend Weird Thing He Said About Eliminating All Future Rapists

It's your very bewildered Sunday show rundown.

Among the MANY INSANE THINGS about the anti-abortion bill Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott signed is that it doesn't even include perfunctory exceptions for rape and incest, which conservatives often add to make it look like they're not complete monsters. Abbott, when asked about this days after law went into effect, said it didn't matter because they would just stop all the future rapes by arresting all the future rapists:

That was then.

On "Fox News Sunday" this weekend, host Chris Wallace, after giving Abbott a platform to spew hatred against immigrants and asylum seekers, in the guise of "border protection," asked about the Texas abortion ban. He specifically asked Abbott about his stated intention to prevent all the future rapes, in what we can only assume was an attempt to give Abbott a chance to make himself look a little bit less insane.

It did not work.

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Conspiracy theories

The Arizona Fraudit Proved NOTHING, DO NOT TAKE BAIT.

But it did piss away $7 million. Well played, fellas!

Stop saying that the Arizona fraudit "proves" that Biden won Maricopa County. Stop saying that Biden "expanded" his lead over Trump. Stop giving this pack of incompetent charlatans your stamp of approval as they attack the underpinnings of our democracy. This preposterous exercise proves nothing, and we should not treat it as legitimate simply because it failed to call for the overturning of this election.

Cut that shit out right now!

Cyber Ninjas, the Florida company with exactly zero election experience, is handing its homework in to the Arizona GOP today, just five months and $5.7 million dollars after they started this pathetic circle jerk. And in case anyone is suffering from amnesia as to the corruption of this entire process, let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

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