Voters to Kerry: Don't Be Stupid

If "electability" still means "someone people will vote for," John Kerry should consider making nice with John Edwards, who leads a Gallup poll on vice- presidential picks by 26 points (Hillary is second, with 4 percent. Lieberman's Joementum still fails him). Besides, if the Dems settle on a running mate now, they could make the race even more boring and the Democrats' top-down organization more intractable. Dude! The Dems aren't "Republicans light," they're "Republicans extreme."

i'd fuck him

(Results are based on telephone interviews with 545 Democrats and Democratic leaners, aged 18 and older, conducted March 5-7, 2004. Margin of error: ±5 percentage points.)

UPDATE: Rooftop Report notes that just as many Americans would rather that Kerry have no running mate at all as have Edwards. Perhaps an ineffectual one would suffice? It may be Lieberman's only chance.

Americans Envision Kerry/Edwards Ticket []


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