Voting is for Oi! People

see, they're punk rockers AND they vote. crazyWe assume Drudge is running a week-old story about "Punk Voters" as some kind of penance for helping to sell a few hundred more "Voting is For Old People" t-shirts. Of course, he's also breaking news: Musicians! Telling kids to get involved! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? This is how the rock stars get kids interested in sex and violence; of course it'll work for the electoral process. Our only concern: They're just being ironic. You know: "Voting is cool -- NOT!" We hear irony's very popular with the young people. Also: The term "punk voting" -- if we remember punk rock right -- could just as well be a slang term for beating up your precinct captain.

Punk-Rock Bands Seek to Register Voters [AP/Yahoo via DRUDGE REPORT!]

Drudge: Looking a Little Desperate Right Now [Wonkette]


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