Washington state Rep. Jenny Graham is the diversion I need right now as I put on a Darth Vader mask in order to breathe. Graham's only been in office since 2019 but the Republican's already distinguished herself as someone who peddles QAnon conspiracy garbage online. Next stop, the US House of Representatives?

Among the many baseless articles she's shared on Facebook was one claiming that “thousands of missing children are kept in dungeons and raped by demons." These aren't metaphorical demons but literal demons or "Reptilian-human hybrids put into positions of power by evil extra-dimensional beings."

Daniel Walters who reported on this for The Pacific Northwest Inlander gave Graham some benefit of the doubt. Maybe she didn't realize when she posted a Facebook link to a tired-old anti-vaccine article that the site was a home for crackpot QAnon conspiracies, including the not-at-all anti-Semitic claim that globalist (wink) pedophiles like to chug children's blood before sacrificing them to Satan, who I guess only takes the empties.

Graham says she was unaware of the weirder views on those sites, but didn't express regret about sharing those links.

"The trafficking is real, and sadly enough, so is the occult situation," she says, explaining that she knew someone in a cult.

It would be sad if there's an “occult situation" in the US, but there isn't. Greene needs more Scully in her life.

Oh, and Graham knew someone in a cult! That means it's all true.

Meet the Candidate: Jenny Graham (R) www.youtube.com

Graham said it was "her job to ask tough questions and engage on important issues," but she can't be bothered to check out the sites whose links she posts on social media. We never said she was good at her job.

She's also big mad that Facebook flagged the video she shared claiming that masks don't work and hydroxychloroquine would clear your coronavirus right up.

"Who's fact checking the fact checkers?" Graham wrote on Facebook, urging Congress to "hold these companies accountable" and "de-weaponize social media platforms."

Graham wasn't pleased with Walters's article, and the day after it was published, she left him an unhinged voicemail. (Note to politicians: Voicemails don't self-destruct in five seconds.)

GRAHAM: Daniel, you lying piece of shit. You've done it. You have started it. Don't you ever call me again. Do you understand? Don't you everand you tell your buddies not to call me either. It's on. If you think for one minute you're going to pull this crap and you're going to walk away from it, you're nuts

Yes, Walters is the nutty one.

He called Graham back while she was leaving her highly professional threatening message. That's when she stopped being polite and stared getting real.

GRAHAM: You cocksucker! You cocksucker! Don't ever call me again.

Lady, you called him.

Graham accused Walters of various and sundry fake news felonies on her Facebook. However, his original article was fairly reasonable, unlike the dragging he's getting here. She called him "disgusting," "hateful" "sleazy" and a "lying piece of dung." It was not a good Yelp review.

The Excorcist - Your mother sucks cocks in hell www.youtube.com

She also threatened Walters some more: “You picked the wrong target to intimidate or silence. This one fights back."

Graham might've pulled a Streisand Effect on herself because her extreme reaction to the article got her featured in the Washington Post, which revealed all the kooky stuff she believes to a national audience. Washington state's “mighty sixth district," as Graham calls it, must be mighty proud.

"In one of her attacks on me she linked to another conspiracy site," Walters said. "That, to me, suggested that the core of our story was very much true and it was something that was still happening and still concerning."

The Post reached out to Graham for comment but she didn't respond. She also hasn't responded to Walters's second article. That's probably for the best.

Democrat Tom McGarry is running against Graham this year. He's a fire commissioner in Spokane — Rebecca says hi Spokane, she loves you — and seems emotionally stable. I'm sold.

[The Inlander / Washington Post]

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