Wacky Baptist Preacher Arrested For Dozens of Sex/Drug Crimes

Shaved his legs and then he was a she ... - WonketteMeet Wonkette's new favorite Baptist preacher and Christian Radio deejay, 58-year-old Tommy Tester of Bristol, Virginia. He was just hanging out at a car wash, in Tennessee, drunk and high, wearing a skirt, "relieving himself in front of children," with an open bottle of vodka and an empty oxycodone prescription sitting in the car. Oh, and he was "offering police officers oral sex."

You can just imagine the cops pulling up to haul off the preacher pervert and their utter disbelief when, instead of showing any shame or denying everything, he offers to suck them off.


Wonkette has been unable to determine his specific job title with the Rudy Giuliani campaign.

Minister Charged With Indecent Exposure [WTOP]


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