go ron paul.With nothing better to do these days, Ron Paul and his crazed followers bum-rushed the Nevada Republican Convention in Reno on Saturday -- and they upended the whole process, which was supposed to be an "Oh well let's give our Romney support to McCain since he is apparently the nominee." They voted to change the party's rules and seize the state's delegates for Dr. Congressman Ron Paul! Hilarious! Then, convention chairman Bob Beers shut down the whole event, claiming the Peppermill Casino was going to kick them out for continuing beyond 5 p.m., which was a total lie, so the Paultards tried to kill him, and he barely escaped with his life!

Really, sort of! They surrounded him, screaming and yelling stuff like, "You're finished, Beers!" and, possibly, "It's curtains for you, Beers, curtains!" At one point, according to the Nevada Appeal, they threatened his life.

Security guards hustled Beers away from the furious Paultards as the state party chairlady, Sue Lowden, escaped through a "rear entrance."

The Peppermill is basically a place surrounded by malls and "casual dining" chains where old people go to play the video poker and eat at the nice buffet, so this was probably the most insane moment in the hotel/casino's history.

As the Paultards continued their wild rumpus, the McCain supporters all fled in horror/disgust. So when the Ron Paul people tried to do another vote to remove Barrs as convention chairman and give the beloved Texas congressman all of Nevada's 31 delegates, there weren't enough people to make a quorum, because they were a hundred people short, so everybody went home angry.

Oh, and Mitt Romney was there for some reason? (Oh yeah he won the Nevada primary, ha ha.)

Chaos Over Paul Cuts Short Gathering [Reno Gazette-Journal]


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