Waffles And Grits Allegedly Enjoyed By Some White House Occupant(s?)

  • Several southern Republican governors, determined to keep their states as impoverished and hopeless as possible, have vowed not to accept at least some portions of the federal government's stimulus money. [Reuters]
  • President Obama commences his fiscal responsibility summit today, in which a half-dozen Republicans will be eaten by lions in front of roaring crowds. [AP]
  • Michelle Obama gave a little tour of the White House kitchen and uttered such wildly circuitous, passively constructed sentences about waffles and grits it was as if Sarah Palin had invaded her body for a moment. Until we see the medical records, we'll never know who eats those waffles and grits. [Fox News]
  • The economic situation will get worse before it gets better, and we won't see 5 percent unemployment until (gulp) 2013. [AP]
  • San Francisco gays don't care about starving slum children in Mumbai, only Sean Penn. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Marion Barry continues to improve following his kidney transplant surgery on Friday. [Washington Post]

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