Wait, WTF, Pope Ratzi Smokes Cigarettes?


In thisWall Street Journal boring article about how Europeans sure love cigarettes yadda yadda, we were intrigued by this paragraph calling Nazi Pope Joe "the Plumber" Ratzinger a known smoker! Is this some hilarious WSJ New Year's joke? Because there is no evidence we can locate, outside of some obviously photoshopped images of Ratzi in a cloud of cancer, to suggest our crappiest pope indulges in this particular variety of sucking on cylindrical objects.

From the important news bulletin "Smoking Culture Persists in Europe, Despite Bans":

Lighting up doesn't carry the social stigma in Europe that it carries in the U.S. Many famous Europeans -- including the Pope, French soccer star Zinedine Zidane and Britain's Prince Harry -- have been known to puff in private without burning their public image. U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, on the other hand, has spoken publicly about the pressure he feels to quit smoking.

This is going to be a weird and exciting New Year if Murdoch papers are going to start messing with the Pope.


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