Wake-Up Called Out

We'd like to thank Hotline's "Wake-Up Call!" for ranking our book among the current famous-for-DC bestsellers:

AMAZON SMACKDOWN (a sampling of rankings as of 6:35 am): "Attack The Messenger, How Politicians Turn You Against The Media" by Craig Crawford: 879; "Big Russ & Me" by Tim Russert (new paperback): 940; "Taking Heat" by Ari Fleischer: 11,128; "Dog Days" by Ana Marie Cox: 232,056.
Pretty good for a book that has yet to be finished! (Despite having already written twice as many words as Russert.)

Now, back to work. This Mitch Fleiby character is giving us a lot of trouble...

Wake-Up Call! [NationalJournal.com] (sub. req.)


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