Wal-Mart Now Under Sharia Law

  • Sales are booming at exactly one retailer in America: Wal-Mart, of course! [New York Times]
  • California state legislators work the crappiest hours -- 30 hours over the weekend and possibly an all-nighter tonight, so that they can pass a state budget already. [CNN]
  • Pakistan has agreed to allow the imposition of Islamic law in its northwestern Swat region, because why not, the religious nuts have been running that place for a while anyway. [AFP]
  • The euro continues to fall against the dollar, which is awesome for everybody with enough money to go on a European vacation soon -- meaning, nobody. [Bloomberg]
  • Hillary Clinton went on her first trip abroad as Secretary of State. She went to Japan and got embarrassingly hammered at a G7 press conference. [UPI]
  • John McCain explained to a Wall Street Journal reporter how one whole month into the Obama presidency, our new leader has been revealed as a sham and a failure at everything. [WSJ]

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