Wall to Walnuts

* It doesn't look like anyone is going to tell John McCain that the problem isn't his staffers. [WP, USAT, Politico, The Hill]

* In addition to the war on terror, Bush has been waging a war on medicine. Because everyone knows Jesus hated healing people. [NYT]

* Why do anything about global warming when Congress can just have the appearance of doing something about global warming? [NYT]

* Mitch McConnell has apparently forgotten that he's like, a Republican leader in the Senate and that maybe he should like, do something. [The Hill]

* All the world's most dangerous nutcases are talking about how to make the world a scarier fucking place. [WT]

* Ron Paul has been making some converts. [WT]

* It might be kind of awkward when Bill Richardson goes to the gay debate on account of how much he hates gay people. [LAT]

* GOP frontrunners aren't wedded to the surge (the dumbest idea they've not supported so far), and we're compelled to point out that they are a gay-loving abortionist, a mormon Democrat and fat, lazy actor with cancer who tried to save Nixon's ass. [LAT]

* Chuck Hagel is still a Republican. Just like Joe Leiberman is a Democrat. Except you want to kick him less. [BG]


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