Wow! This Lady Going Berserk On A Random Stranger For Being On Food Stamps Sure Is Classy!

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What do you say when you make chit-chat in the checkout line? Do you comment on a sale, the cover of the latest US Weekly, someone's lovely brooch -- or do you just start yelling at random strangers for using food stamps? For you, it is probably not the latter, but for one charming lady in a Walmart, it certainly is!

A video posted online last week by "What'd We Learn? 4 the People," and first noted by Hot Topics, shows an unidentified woman berating a total stranger for using food stamps to help feed his kid.

It's not clear how the conversation started, though the first thing we hear out of this classy lady's mouth is something about how "Usually when you're raised that way you wanna work real harder NOT to go back." You know, because it's so easy these days for someone who has been poor their whole life to just stop being poor.

“I put in 50 to 60 hour weeks. I’m trying to provide for my family,” the father said, but this lady weren't having none of it, so she shot right back, “You’re not providing for it, I am. The government is. They take it out of my check, bullshit they don’t.”

The man then suggested that if it upset her so, she should perhaps contact a local representative to complain, or just vote Republican, to which she replied, “Oh, trust me — I am not a bleeding heart fucking liberal,” as if anyone would have confused her for one. He tried to ignore, but to no avail. She just kept right on insisting, "If I’m gonna pay for all your shit the least I can do is talk.” Then she started fuming about "people like you," and "Hillary and Bernie supporters." Which I guess would be people like me who think it is weird to desperately want children to starve to death.

It's tough for many Republicans, who want only for businesses to be allowed to pay people far less than they need to live on, and then for those people to not go on food stamps or accept any government aid whatsoever. And also for them not to have money to go to college to get a better job and to not have any health care so they don't have access to preventative medicine, so that then when they get seriously ill or have a heart attack or an accident and get rushed to the hospital, they end up in debt for the rest of their lives. Is that really too much to ask? Couldn't they be just a little more noble?

Just think of all these people straight-up refusing to just not be poor! And then also wanting to eat? And wanting their kids to eat? It is all too much! Why don't they just magically get better jobs? Or they could just starve to death and decrease the surplus population!

All of which would be far more pleasant for this random lady in a Walmart than having to pay THIRTY-SIX AMERICAN DOLLARS a year in taxes that go to programs like SNAP that help feed people!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]All patriotic Americans know those welfare people are just spending their money on drugs. (Except how every time states drug test food stamp recipients, they find a whole bunch of nothing.) Maybe they're using everybody else's HARD EARNED TAX MONEYS to get their palms read on Caribbean cruises! (Nope.) Well at least they're probably frivolously spending money on lobster, which is unfair and probably not even legal.

In comparison, subsidies to hard working corporations make up about $6000 of that lady's tax dollars per year. But if they cut the SNAP program, those companies could get $6036! And the mean lady could have the sheer joy of watching children dying in the street after having a bunch of cheerful, hypothermia-induced hallucinations like that darling "The Little Match Girl" story!

[h/t Mediaite]

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