Walnuts Hates America's Youth

John "Maverick" McCain's campaign raised half the cash of Mitt Romney's and is probably burning it twice as fast (though we won't know 'til Saturday). He's got a huge staff, keeps taking everyone on bus tours, and has signed up every "consultant" in North America to help him lose this nomination.

So when Hotline reports that the campaign is "trimming the fat" ("minor adjustments," they say!), well, you know what that means. It's always the kids who get it the hardest. From one of those kids comes this email:

They have fired close to 40 employees and downsized (reduced to part-time or virtually gratis contracts) many others. The cuts have been incremental and buried behind the Iraq speech, but there are plenty of 20 somethings hanging out late tonight in Adams Morgan because they don't have work tomorrow....

Hey, these fired McCain staffers should get together with the fired Politico staffers and pitch books about their shared three months of unsupportable hype ending in disappointment!

McCain Trims Headquarters Staff [Hotline]


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