Walnuts! He's Actually Losing His Mind

this is my lifeBroke John McCain made a stop in South Carolina last Wednesday, and although last Wednesday was like 50 blog-years ago, the details of the event are too timeless for any "news cycle." As the Austin American-Statesman writes, McCain "demonstrated his love of hot dogs and declared his love of ABBA." Fortunately the South Carolina crowd did not lynch him, which is usually what they do when confused.

Evidence that McCain forgot his medicines the morning of the South Carolina event became obvious when someone on his bus asked what was on his iPod:

"Dare I say ABBA. Everybody says, 'Ehhh, ABBA.' Why is that? ABBA was the largest selling (recording act ever). Nobody likes them but they sold more records than anybody in the history of the world, including the Beatles. But everybody hates them. (But) you're a no-class guy if you like ABBA. Why does everybody go see 'Mamma Mia?' Hypocrisy! Rank hypocrisy! I'm not embarrassed to say I like ABBA, 'Dancing Queen.'" (emphasis ours)

Yeah America, wtf? Fucking "Dancing Queen." All these kids with their hips hop and their Obama.... I just want a hot meal.

McCain: Eats hot dogs, loves ABBA [Austin American-Statesman]


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