WALNUTS McCain Tutored by ... Kissinger

Does that make me crazy? Probably ... - WonketteSay you're a demented old warmonger interested in literally destroying the United States and much of the rest of the world. Who do you call for that extra little bit of totally illegal and amoral crazy? That's right, you call Henry Kissinger.

And if you're WALNUTS! you are very proud about this relationship.

"When I have a question about something that's going on in the world, I call Dr. Kissinger and he is able to connect the dots for me," McCain said. "It is easy to be an expert on one aspect of some international situation. He's one of the only people I've ever known who can connect the entire scenario for you in a way that you understand the completeness of the challenge."
Kissinger knows a bloodthirsty psychotic when he sees one, so the coveted Kissinger endorsement obviously goes to WALNUTS! But what if McCain calls and Kissinger can't get the phone because he's in the back yard pitchforking Cambodian babies? McCain then relies on the almost-as-batshit crew of George P. Shultz, Lawrence Eagleburger, Robert Kagan and (of course) Bill Kristol.

McCain: When I Have A Question, I Call Kissinger [TPM Cafe]

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