WALNUTS! To Take European Vacation, For Peace

Now that "Pennsylvania is the new Iowa," and the Democratic party is dead-set on making everyone hate politics even more, John McCain is going to pretend to be a senator again! Has he already forgotten that he is running for president? Or maybe he thought he never left the Mexican Hanoi Hilton where he was tortured as a baby during the Spanish Civil War? All of these things are true, and this is why he now plans on taking a 10-day "congressional delegation" trip to socialist Europe and communist Middle East.

McCain will "take a 10-day congressional delegation trip to Europe and the Middle East, then will deliver a major speech just after Easter detailing his observations from the trip." Then he will crucify Jordan, and maybe bomb Europe? Again, John McCain does not have any idea what he is doing.

Meanwhile, Cindy "Cougar" McCain will spend 10 days trying to unlock the door to McCain's den, where he hides the "good pills."

[Mike Allen]


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