Wannabe Nebraska Governor Will Beat Up Obama Doll For Freedom


As political satirical fun time bloggers, we applaud the new ease with which any candidate anywhere can make themselves a YouTube and spit out a campaign ad, because that really has been comedy gold for us over the past few years. Even the big folks have used YouTube to get weird, like Ted Cruz with his David Dewhurst = Chupacabra ad in 2011, and our most beloved ad of all time, Carly Fiorina's demon sheep. But you don't need to be a big budget type to get yourself a viral video sort of thingy, as evidenced by this obamahead-slapping fellow, Nebraska state senator Beau McCoy, who is running for governor of the Plains State or the Flat State or whatever they call themselves. Cornhuskers? Or is that Iowa??

Note that we didn't say he was likely to be a successful candidate for governor.

McCoy is a serious underdog in the race to succeed GOP Gov. Dave Heineman. He grabbed just 4.7 percent in a February survey of the field by Harper Polling, well behind attorney general Jon Bruning and former Ameritrade COO Pete Ricketts, the son of big-time Republican super-PAC donor Joe Ricketts.

We're sure this ad will kick him WAY higher up in the standings, what with its casually brutal backhand of the Obama doll...

...his extreme squinting (dude, you do know you can look AWAY from the sun when you film, right?)

...and last but not least, when he mounts his trusty horse, except you can't actually see the rest of the horse, so perhaps it is just a prop horse head brought in for the occasion?

No matter. This ad has us convinced. We're packing up and moving out of our liberal enclaves and heading to Nebraska, just to be able to vote for Big Beau.

[Mother Jones]


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