Want To Keep Your Job? Don't Get Domestic Violenced


Were you feeling OD'd on Nice Time* and hoping for a methadonic story to take your mind off all that nice time and get you back to rolling your eyes so hard you get a migraine and wanting to drive an icepick through your skull just to distract yourself from the "Are you fucking kidding me?" of it all.

Well, here ya go. It starts with a story we covered last week:

Last week, Carie Charlesworth, a teacher in California and a victim of domestic violence, was fired from her job because her abusive husband invaded the school parking lot and put the school on lockdown. While her abuser was sent to prison, she was also punished for his crime by losing her employment.

Yeah, that story. But just to wipe any vestiges of yesterday's nice time smile off your face, we found a follow-up that actually reminds us that it's even worse than we thought! Oh gosh, what could it be?

The school’s action -– firing her because she is a victim of domestic abuse –- is sadly legal in most states.

Ah, that's more like it. Most of these United States think it is just fine and hunky-dory to blame the victim for getting herself domestic violenced if it is disruptive to other people, like her employers, who would rather she just get herself domestic violenced in the privacy of her own home, where she belongs. Dumb broad should not have let her abusive husband come to her place of employment to be abusive if she didn't want to get fired. Duh, lady. That's just how it works. Or, you know, doesn't work.

Say, maybe you need another hit of the nice-time stuff from earlier in the week -- you know, unicorns and rainbows and Republicans supporting marriage equality and Elizabeth Warren opening yet another can of whoop-ass and anti-gay groups deciding to close up shop and say they are very sorry for being ginormous homophobic dicks but they will stop doing that now? (Well, that was an extra good nice time.) Good! Because there's also this:

One study found that nearly three-quarters of abused women were harassed by their partner while at work. Homicide is a leading cause of workplace deaths for women, second only to roadway incidents.

Sigh ... hey, let's read about the ex-gay thing shutting down again, maybe?

*(Today? Are you KIDDING?)

[Think Progress]


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