Want To Write About Rich People And Their Rich People Mansions? The Wall Street Journal Wants YOU!


Hey, Serious Journamalists, are you looking for a new challenge? Maybe you've done your embedded time in the Iraq or the Afghanistan, and you've done your fair share of reporting on blowed up limbs and now you're like, meh, how can I really push the limits of my reporting skills? Well, polish off that résumé because the Wall Street Journal -- our nation's newspaper of record for people who wake up in the dead of the night cold-sweating about their stock portfolio -- has an exciting new opportunity for you to really earn your journamalism stripes:

The Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section is seeking a skilled reporter and feature writer to cover residential real estate. The successful candidate will be expected to break news on real-estate deals each week in Mansion’s Private Properties column and to write ambitious feature stories for Mansion’s cover and inside pages.

Mansion’s features touch on a wide range of topics: Past covers have included a profile of a billionaire from Kentucky who owns more than a million acres of land; an analysis of the market for the homes of college football coaches; and an exclusive look at Larry Ellison’s plans for the island of Lanaii.

Candidates should have at least three years of reporting experience at a major publication; experience covering real estate is helpful.

Other possible assignments may include an ongoing series on the progress of Mitt Romney's teardown beachfront mansion. How is that car elevator coming along? Find out in the Journal's Mansion's Private Properties section, plus other exciting rich people real estate news you need to know -- if you're the kind of gold-plated schmuck who cares about that sort of thing.

Or we could just eat the rich. After all, some of them taste like caviar.

[Gorkana Jobs via Twitter]


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