WaPo Hack Jennifer Rubin, Show Us Where Barack Obama Touched You With Islam


If you don't know Jennifer Rubin, she's the source of the heavy breathing you hear behind Mitt Romney at every event. She is the small trickle of sweat that runs down your back every time you think about criticizing outsourcing. She is fear and hatred and the realization that you left your phone in a public bathroom. And she hasa brand new thing for Handsome Capitalist Mitt Romney to say about Obama in response to the mean, mean ad he didn't make about Romney killing a woman with Masshole cancer!

The next option is to return the fire in kind. This is the president who hired 9/11 truther Van Jones. He’s the one who wanted to force a mosque on the ashes of Ground Zero, despite the revulsion of New Yorkers.

One, Van Jones is just goddamn handsome, and he could accuse my administration of mass murder any day of the week. (I kid, I kid, don't do that on Fridays, that's when I have indoor soccer.)

More importantly, Your Wonkette did not remember Obama forcing a mosque on the ashes of Ground Zero! I remember him tepidly supporting it, because there were Muslims in New York who had the right to build it and such. But I do not remember Barack Obama going to Ground Zero and lovingly sweeping up the ashes into a pile and then group-sexting Global Jihad to come build a mosque on those very ashes and maybe some teeth if he could find some.

Granted, we are very poor students of history here, and Jennifer Rubin seems to derive such unmitigated glee from thinking of ways to help our her Prince Mitt of Cranbrook. Let's let her have this one, and go burn down the mosque so that it is no longer forced on us. That seems about right.

[Washington Post]


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