WaPo Sics Style Section on Bolton

bolton.jpgClearly, this guy hates the UN. Or as WaPo puts it, "His hair was so poorly cut, it bordered on rude. Bolton might well argue that appearance has nothing to do with capabilities. But it certainly can be a measure of one's respect for the job."

Other fashion signals that bear looking into after the jump.


Secretary of Treasury John Snow: Unruly eyebrows show clear contempt for the idea of G7 debt cancellation.


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: Would a Secretary of State truly interested in normalizing relations with North Korea wear such threatening lipstick?


Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: The power to inflict severe mental pain and suffering never looked so natty! This man has great respect for his job.

Bolton's Hair: No Brush With Greatness [WaPo]


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