WaPo: White People In Favor of Fewer Stories

The WaPo takes a look deep inside its own navel today, and apparently the non-white- and non-men-type-people over there are getting restless in the light of a promotion of some white dude to the vacant managing editor slot. (Said white dude's regime promises fewer words, more purty pictures, a journalistic standard we can totally get behind: "In an effort to win new readers, [Exec Editor] Downie said Post reporters will be required to write shorter stories." Read: new readers are stupid and ADD.)

But, ah, the joys of working for a union shop: WaPo reporters complaining about the WaPo to a WaPo reporter, without recrimination! When we were bitching about the diversity in liquor choices in the workplace recently, we were promptly punished with a Midori and Campari-only diet. Sort of makes us want to get up on that table and scream, UNION! UNION!

But, you know, being rather girly, we'd have to get our hair and nails done first.

Post Discusses Circulation, Diversity [WaPo]


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