War on Christmas Heating Up

santanoose.jpgHey, we're as sad as anybody to learn about Santa's untimely demise -- we were hoping to finally get an iPod this year. But if O'Reilly's not gonna ask it, then we're gonna ask it: When it comes to the War on Christmas, how come the media -- especially Fox News -- only focuses on the negative stories? Where are the positive stories? Sure, suicide reindeer have turned the North Pole into a scary hell-hole of sleigh bombings and barely functioning infrastructure, and elvish forces are still not able to defend the country on their own. But what about all the new Christian schools that are being built here in the U.S. -- schools where our kids can sing Silent Night all day long without worrying about whether or not they're undermining the unsaveds' self-esteem? Where all the stories about Chasing Christmas, a great new ABC Family Channel movie starring Tom Arnold as a modern-day Scrooge? We usually wait until our third or fourth guest-post to start dishing out the conspiracy theories, but honestly, this constant drumbeat of stories that make it sound like we're losing the War on Christmas -- is Rupert Murdoch Jewish or something?

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